Schedule Change

Here is an updated Schedule starting after this week. This week will not change. The only change is on the 15th, we are not having a straight run-through. Don’t worry- we don’t need to run the show all the way through more than once before tech.

To those who it may concern as well: Dangerous Game with Kim on Saturday can be anytime that works for everyone. It should be around 10:30 and we can verify tomorrow. The stage is available all day on Saturday.

Monday 10/15:

3:35- 4:15 Meal Service in Alumni Room (or elsewhere, TBA) 4:25 -7:30 Work numbers and Run as much as possible with Mr. McCray

Tuesday 10/16:Run Show (Go is at 4 – you need to be ready to start the show at 4)

Wednesday 10/17: Off

Thursday10/18: Off

Friday 10/19: Paper Tech – Actors not called

Saturday 10/20: Tech Rehearsal Actors called at 1

Sunday 10/21: Dress Rehearsal Actors called at 1:30 Go at 3:00

Monday 10/22: Dress Rehearsal

Tuesday 10/23: Dress Rehearsal

Wednesday 10/24:Dress Rehearsal

Thursday 10/25: Dress Rehearsal

Friday 10/26: Off

Saturday 10/27: Go at 6:00 Actors called at 4:00

Sunday 10/28: Go at 7:00 Actors called at 5:00

Monday 10/29: Go at 7:00 Actors called at 5:00

Thank you for all your hard work today and cooperation.

Sarah Dodson


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