Well, it’s going to be our first adventure into blocking and using dialects. So make sure that you bring a script, notepad, and pencil. It’s also going to be very important that we bring homework to do, because we’re all going to need to concentrate very hard when necessary. But, I think if we put our shoulders to the wheel, great work shall be had by all.  

For Tuesday, we’ll be blocking pages 1 through 34. We will stop at the end of act one scene five. Because I need to get a feel for integrating the mirrors into scenes and the acting work of the chorus, I need everyone to be there. We don’t have a lot of time to do the blocking, so I’ll need you to be extra focused and to think ahead about what you want in the scenes.
If it’s helpful, remember that you are playing a group of people in an asylum who decide to put on this story for each other and watch it. So, that gives you two levels of characters to play. First, you’re playing the inmate. Secondly, you’re playing the character that inmate chooses to play. So think about what they are on both levels and how they relate.  
Most of all, be ready to make choices that are fun for you!  See you there!

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