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New Schedule!

The schedule for next week, the week of 3/10, will be the following:

Monday 3rd – no school

Tuesday 4th – board of governors music 4-5:30

Wednesday 5th- 4:30-6:30 Wedding Choreography

Thursday 6th  4-5 review music 5-6:30 facade reprise 2 & 3  (parent meeting at 6 in the Alumni Room)

Sunday 9th – 1:30-3:30 Choreography TBA


Reminder for 8/26

Today’s rehearsal Is scheduled to begin at 1:30, not 2:00 PM.

Reminder about today….


No rehearsal today.

Help Your Pals in the Cafeteria…

  • We need to avoid the urge park in front of the loading dock or in front of the black gate?  They need to get through the gate to take trash out and use the loading dock.

Schedule for 8/27 – 8/31

Monday – music 4:00-6:00
Tuesday – music 4:00-6:00
Wednesday – Nathan and Neal
Thursday – music- 4:00-6:00
Friday – free



This Wednesday, we’ll be measuring for costumes.  You can see the parts of the form where the various dimensions are requested.  While stage management/design are happy to take measurements, you’re certainly invited to take them ahead of time, jot them down, and then let the show staff transfer them onto one form.

This is especially true for inseams, which seem to be the easiest to mis-measure.  A great way to find the inseam is to take a pair of trousers that fit, lay them on a flat surface, and then measure the inseam with the trouser leg extended.

As I said, we’re happy to do the measuring, and if you’d prefer to take care of that at home, use this picture as a guide for what measurements Norcostco will need when we fax them the order.  Don’t worry about number of costumes, etc.  We’ll take care of that with Norcostco.

Click the image to enlarge.


Upcoming schedule as of 8/19

Monday- Review All 4-6:30

Tuesday- Murder Murder 4-6:30

Wednesday- Murder Murder 4-6:30

Thursday- Music 4-6:30 (maybe shorter)

Friday- TBA 4-6:30

Saturday- off

Sunday- TBA 1:30-3:30


iTunesU resource…

iTunesU, which has an app, has a free series of videos of modern actors, designers, and others from the National Theatre in England discussing a recent production of THE CHERRY ORCHARD.  Good stuff to think about for spring.

So, I’m thinkin’ about masks.

Thoughts for the morning…

1.  The masks symbolize more than hypocrisy.  They are the part of ourselves that we use to shield whatever we feel might be imperfect.  Even Superman wears lead armor if he has to deal with Kryptonite.

2.  Jekyll’s formula is meant as a “perfection potion.”  It’s the potion that removes what the “mask” symbolizes.

3.  I think anyone would experience some kind of change if they took the potion.  As long as that’s possible, they’re wearing a mask.    

4.  One of the story’s messages is that we need masks to a certain degree.  Good manners are masks, in a way.  Not having one would be like chewing with your mouth open.  A mask isn’t always a bad thing.  Players in intense games keep the mask of the “game face” on as a rule.  That first number might very well be sung from Hyde’s perspective.  

5.  What’s the longest-running musical in Broadway history?  

6.  There is a creepy thing that will happen with the masks and their strategic removal.  Ask for details.

Tentative Schedule for upcoming weeks

Tuesday/Wednesday,August 7 & 8,  3:30-6:30    Choreography


Thursday,August 9  –  4:00 – 6:00 Music (Chorus) – We’ll rehearseall choral numbers in the show.


Friday,August 10,  12-3  Choreography


(August11-12 if needed)


Monday,August 13, 12-6  Choreography


Tuesday,August 14, 4-4:30– Music (Chorus)4:30-6:30 – Choreography


Wednesday,August 15, 3:30 – 6:30 Choreography


Thursday,August 16, 4-4:30– Music (Chorus) 4:30-6:30- Choreography


Friday,August 17, 3:30-5:30 – Choreography


(August18-19 if needed)


Monday,August 20, 3:30-6:30 – Choreography


Tues.,Wed., Thurs. August 21,22,23,   4-4:30 – Music (Chorus) 4:30-6:30 Choreography


Friday,August 24, 3:30-5:30 – Choreography


(August25, 26 if needed)