Chicago the Muscial
Preliminary Cast List

Velma Kelly – Madeleine Wolfenbarger
Roxie Hart – Casey Majors
Billy Flynn – Benjamin Hatmaker
Matron “Mama” Morton – Lillian Schweitzer
Mary Sunshine – Elizabeth Hethmon
Amos Hart – Jake Yount
Mona – Lauren Dryzer
Kitty – Gwyneth Doppelt
Annie – Lily Grace Thome
June – Madeline Pappano
Hunyak – Hannah Duncan
Liz – Tatum Mullins
Judge – Peyton Austin
Court Clerk – Damon Rodefer
Fred Casely – John Nadrous

Other male show members: Other female show members:
Luke Bibee Holly Batey Jamie Sharp
Sean Conley Veronica Cain Jade Anderson
Gant Dunaway Maggie Comer
Britt Lamson Addie Dewhirst
Cisco Soto Whitney Flautt
Sebastian Soto Kyra Green
Johnny Wilkes Chelsea Henderson
Caroline Powell
Bekka Range
Maggie Tipton
Divya Venkatesh
Sasa Willems

Toward the end of July, we will post about early August rehearsals to happen at Webb. Please write to charltonx if you will not be in town the first two weeks of August.

There, everyone will fill out forms that detail any trips or appointments that might keep them from coming to rehearsals, Sundays-Fridays, through the end of October. We may need to rehearse on Saturdays, although we try to minimize those as much as possible.

There, a choreographer will audition the cast members who are still to be determined and select a final list of performers from those who attend.

The show only has so many parts, and both dance skill and availability to rehearse will factor in to our decisions (and this goes for the whole cast). If a part is not available for you, we would still love to have you be a part of it as the crew. Like with DRACULA, the crew will be involved with prop and set design and decoration during rehearsals. If you think this is not possible for you, you will have the opportunity to let the director know in August.

Have a great vacation!

Patrick McCray

Patrick McCray




4:10-4:15 Intro

4:15-4:30 curtain call

4:30-4:45 restage Mina scene

4:45-5:00 look at fight scene


Slight adjustment

We are going to try and have that matinee at 2:30. Let’s make the call time 11


Good news

It looks like we are going to add a matinee on Saturday. I know this is a last-minute newsflash, but demand for the show is so high, the school has made this allowance. I think it will be at 1 PM. Two things:

1. Please plan accordingly. Your call time on Saturday is 10 AM unless we have to adjust it further for make up.

2. Please keep this to yourselves and let the school announce it. When tickets become available, please allow this performance to be available to all those in the general community who got word too late to get tickets, but would like to see the show.


Go home.

The word came through. Today’s rehearsal is canceled. Please go home as soon as possible.



We are tentatively, kind of, sort of still on. When school ends, as long as you are cleared to move between buildings, get to the bishop center as soon as possible. I wouldn’t even move your car. Just hightail it down here. Then, it’s a little bit touch and go. Mr. McBrien and I will stay in contact, monitoring the situation, and depending on his instinct, we may or may not leave.


Past five minutes

People are doing a very good job staying off their cell phones. But now I need someone to call a hold so I can communicate.

If someone could do that, I would really appreciate it. This is about the only tool I have left to communicate.

Tickets are available!

Just check the rotating banner on our homepage,, and look for the panel about Dracula to come by. If you refresh, it theoretically is the first slide that should come up.

Again, please come to as many dress rehearsals as you like. If it’s at all possible to limit attendance to one formal performance, the show will have the greatest reach possible. Thank you for collaborating with us on this!


Saturday is back!

Based on conversations that I had the stage manager have, and Mr. Perkins’ willingness to volunteer and haul me around via Skype on an iPad, we are going to try and run things Saturday. Let the standard times that had been listed before apply so it will be at least one more thing that is not disrupted. Thanks to everyone for being so flexible!